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Solo show 2015, Multiple Spacing, Bern, Switzerland.


CONNECTIONS – causal or logical relation or sequence

CARIBBEAN CONNECTIONS – a circuit of experiences and memories

My current paintings and drawings are abstract maps where I play with and connect organic forms which I call “bubbles”. These bubbles symbolise specific moments and experiences of my life.

I have been working with the concept of the memory as a reconstruction of experiences, focusing on issues, such as: How do fragments get together to create another recollection and another truth? How does my mind travel and link past experiences to present ones and also to each other? Through this process, I am able to recognise and understand situations at any moment of my life.

By using colors and transparent layers of paint, I create vivid “mini cosmoses”: layers of universes overlapping one another and thus creating the illusion of depth. These mini-cosmoses are all part of a bubble which again is part of another bubble, and so on. They represent universe compounds of mini cosmoses which are, at some level, all linked to each other.
This body of work has evolved to a broader concept, raising in me additional questions: What does memory mean to me? How can these little fragments of memories be related and connected? How, through that process, am I able to understand myself better? A reflection on the daily experiences that we live, and how connections influence our life in the universe. 


Mónica Ferreras De la Maza. 2015 



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