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Solo show 2014 - Lucy García Gallery at Moble, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Genesis is the beginning of something. This new body of work began with the polyptych ̈Genesis ̈ which completed the last quarter of 2013. Personally, it was the representation of a new life phase, or in Jungian terms, a process of individuation.

There is a cen􏰅tral an􏰅d co􏰆􏰆mmon elem􏰆en􏰅t i􏰅n all the pai􏰅ntings. It refers to the 􏰈self􏰉 or the soul, that part which for me signifies what we really are and differentiates us from our ego, our internal energy, vibrant and self-containing of its light. The soul, which is the recipient of our purest capacities and qualities, where there is no duality.

The construction of the paintings draws a parallel to how I see my life developing. The use of color and densities are also in complete relation to the narrative, for instance, the colors of the chakras. It could be seen as the road from diffusion towards clarity; the negation of acceptance; the chaos en route to the subtle dissipation of the self. A letting go of the illusion of control towards living in a state of letting be. A commitment with the daily exercise of learning to flow with a wisdom dance, generous and kind to the universe. 


Mónica Ferreras De la Maza. 2014 


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