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Solo show 2018, Centro Cultural de España, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2014 marks the beginning of a period where I began to explore the idea of connections. Connecting is a natural and logical process that our mind uses for memory and understanding among many other functions, and which I had not noticed before. Only the need made it obvious to me. To connect experiences to make a map of life or, better said, to connect experiences to make maps made up of bits and pieces of memories, but which are, after all, maps and guides. Actions such as understanding the past, learning from it, gradually healing it, forgiving, letting go, are made possible, in part, by being able to connect the lived experiences as well as possible.


Later on, the questions always come and not always with them come the answers, at least not the obvious or visible ones because they say that every problem brings with it its own answer, as it could also be said, that every question brings with it its own answer. The you never know is about that. The logic of the visible has nothing to do with the idea that you never know. A closer look at these intangible worlds takes me through universes as fascinating as the visible ones. Worlds behind the scenes, where a lot of things that we cannot see are happening, but that later, suddenly or gently, they become visible and then we ask ourselves - Where do these things come from? I would say that there is the possibility of connecting this idea of the invisible universes to the idea that, what I live and think today is inevitably connected to what I have lived and thought yesterday, in the same way, my future is inevitably connected to what I live and think today. This is one reason why the notion that what I can't see doesn't exist I don't believe.


As a consequence of this journey that I have briefly described here and through which I have gradually discovered the fascinating universe of connections, I have opened myself to the idea that, in one way or another, everything in the infinity of the universe is connected. First connecting with our interior, from the micro, to then connect better to the outside, towards the macro, to finally feel part of a giant and infinite network of in this way we go, said in good Dominican, connecting a chin and a chón.

Mónica Ferreras De la Maza. 2018

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