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Solo show 2020 - UN ARTISTE - UNE JOURNÉE, Epic Center, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Conceptual justification for the exhibition 

For "Un Artiste Une journée" - edition Mónica Ferreras


In life every act generates a consequence. Similarly, these works that make up "Where the Light Shines" do not escape this law because they are created as a consequence of my mother's departure, and it is for this very reason that these works are quite different from my previous work in both their formal and conceptual aspects.

In this new stage, each work is born from my eagerness to see beyond what my eyes can see, almost like encouraging oracles that generate comfort and peace in me, even giving shape and life to that intangible thing that I would like to see but cannot. So it could well be said, that the search for comfort became the generating source of this body of work. 

Where the Light Shines" is made up of a series of figurative "landscapes" where I literally create and leave a record of some worlds, lands or places that may not exist, but that perhaps do. Each viewer or explorer must create their own adventure when visiting these places: walking and resting; remembering and reflecting; immersing themselves in these territories and creating their own stories. These "landscapes" can be testimonies or they can be fantasies, and it is in this field of uncertainty and doubt where I want to situate them. Who dares to tell the child that his game is not real?

By creating these scenes, I cristallize a visual space of casual and playful exploration as a way of expression per se, and at the same time as a healing tool. Another aspect that I am interested in exploring is how from individual experience we can be a mirror and voice for others, in this specific case using the conceptual approach of my work as a platform.

Mónica Ferreras De la Maza
February 2020. Basel

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