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Solo show 2016, Galerie O'Local, Estavayer le-lac, Switzerland.

CONNECTIONS – causal or logical relation or sequence. A circuit of experiences and memories

With this new body of work, shown for the first time in the exhibition entitled, “You never know”, I connect my past artistic conception (Connection and memory) with a new notion, which I like to call “invisible connections”.  I like to understand this as groups of actions taking place and working behind the scene. Like in a theatre, scene shifters and technicians perform many processes in order for a play to take place and run according to plan but the public does not see or is not aware of it. In my opinion, when these invisible connections are suddenly revealed, It might seem like magic, but it is not. On the contrary, It is in fact part of an infinite web of possibilities all connected and working in favor of a plan that has already being set in action.

I have been working with the concept of memory as an instrument in the reconstruction of experiences.  This focus prompted me to devise questions such as: How do fragments get together to create another recollection and another truth? How does my mind travel and link past experiences to present ones and also to each other? Through this process of connecting, I am able to recognize and understand situations at any moment of my life.

Mónica Ferreras De la Maza. 2016




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