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Solo show "Echos des Lichts". 

GALERIE EULENSPIEGEL, 6.05-19.06.2021. Basel, Switzerland.


The following paragraph is a reflection by which I attempt to establish a context for the recent body of work presented in the solo exhibitions Where the Light Shines (2020) and Echos des Lichts (2021).


Going through a grieving process is vital in order not to remain stuck in the pain of loss and the sadness of what will never be the same again. Not doing so, will lead us to endless suffering which, in many cases, does not manifest itself externally, but surely has a silent and corrosive life within us. 


This reflection on grief first manifested itself in my life in an intuitive way. It slowly revealed itself and in a final stage, I was then able to consciously incorporate it into my personal process. This is what gave birth to these works that suggest "astral landscapes" and are territories where I pour all my fantasy and illusion into, imagining that my mother lives somewhere in these astral lands full of light. They helped me going through my grief and it comforts me to look at them.


In creating these scenarios or "astral landscapes" I crystallize visual territories that invite exploration in a casual and playful way. As the starting point of these works is the departure of a loved one to other lands, to another dimension, or being even more heaven or paradise, they could be seen as a healing game, that could at the same time be a mirror to identify with and a voice of comfort. I like to raise the question: Do these worlds exist or not? Do entities of light live in these places and could it be that their singing, whispering, speaking, resonating and creating echoes could possibly be heard on this side? 


Mónica Ferreras De la Maza, 2021


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