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This artistic project delves into the complexities of neo-colonial gentrification, unraveling how foreign investments, presented as symbols of progress, shape new dynamics of socio-cultural precariousness.Through her work, Ferreras De la Maza highlights the similarities between historical and current colonization, pointing out how these contemporary urban projects perpetuate structures that benefit foreign actors at the expense of local communities.

Her artistic approach reveals the duality between the superficial aesthetics of these developments and the destructive consequences they impose on a social and cultural level. “Neo-Colonialism” also addresses the resistance and consciousness that emerges within these communities, highlighting the importance of cultural preservation and sustainability amid the advance of seemingly unbridled international tourism. 

This exhibition is an invitation to reflection and a call to action for the protection of local identities against the threat of a modern form of colonization.

Through these pages, we invite the reader to explore the nuances and layers of meaning that unfold in the work of Mónica Ferreras De la Maza.

Each work represents a fragment of a vast artistic dialogue, which challenges us to reflect on the human condition and expand our perception of the

world we inhabit.

Except from a curatorial text by Andrés Linares-Guerrero. Artvice Gallery

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